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We want you to make the most of your stay in Gozo. 

We will be willing to assist you with things that you should do and see while in Gozo.  The following is just a very small list of what you should not miss during your holiday.

  • Victoria - also called Rabat, is the island's capital.  Firstly go up to the Citadella and walk around the entire perimeter and enjoy the very beautiful 360 degree view of Gozo at your feet. Visit the cathedral of Gozo, and the Gozo archeological museum with islamic tombstone.
  • The Azure Window, the Inland Sea and the the Blue Hole all make going to the spectacular west coast of Gozo very worthwhile. The Azure Window is a cliff outcropping with a hole in the middle. This place has been spared from development and makes an unusual and picturesque place to swim. The Blue Hole is an amazing spot to dive, having won awards as one of the most beautiful diving spots of Europe.
  • Ggantija temples - This megalithic temple is officially home of the oldest structure on the planet.
  • Gozo boasts one of the most remarkable churches on the archipelago - Ta' Pinu in Gharb, which was visited by Pope John Paul II in 1990.
  • The rotunda church in the village of Xewkija is a wonderful spot to visit. The church was built in honor of St. John the Baptist (each village has a saint that they honor) and is the largest in Gozo.
  • Celebrate one of the local festas during the summer months.  Each village has a saint that is honored with a week of street celebrations, including fireworks, traditional brass bands and decorations.
  • Walk, hike and ramble during the months of October to May. The average temperature in this period is around 18C. While exploring the island you will see a wide variety of amazing views due to a large number of valleys, hills and small beaches. There is an abundance of abandoned hidden ancient temples and shrines in the countryside.
  • Ramla l- Hamra - This is a wide stretch of golden-reddish sand beach at the end of a valley, and is framed by headlands.
  • Comino - Visit the nearby island, famous for the clear blue waters at Blue Lagoon.
  • Dive in one of the many world famous diving sites that the island boasts of.
  • Taste some of the traditional local specialities, including ftira (closed pizza), gbejniet (Maltese cheeselets), pastizzi (chesse/pea cakes), olive oil, wine and Maltese bread.

In our farmhouse you will also find a guide book which we have prepared to make sure that you enjoy every minute of your stay in Gozo.  It includes various tips and hints of things that you can do while in Gozo.